Psalms 19:11 (NKJV)

‘Moreover by them Your servant is warned, And in keeping them there is great reward.’


The Word of God has two tasks to accomplish in our lives. The first is to warn us. As we walk this hazardous path called life on earth, there are many dangers. There are traps everywhere and fiery darts flying every day. We are also very prone to forgetfulness and we tend to migrate away from the heartbeat of God ever so often and ever so quickly. Staying close to the Word will always warn us and caution us and remind us of our purpose and duties and expectations for life on earth.


But the Word of God is also a rewarder. Those who meditate on the Word are rewarded with the graciousness and presence of God; they are rewarded by the protection and guidance of God. In addition, those who gaze on the Word of Life are also rewarded with the transforming power of the Word; making us into the very image and likeness of God; even in degrees and stages. So with all these benefits, why would I want to depart from and stay far from this Blessed Word?


Why would you?


‘O Lord, your Word is amazing. Teach me to stay close to your Word that I may enjoy the full benefits thereof and that you may thereby deliver me from the self-destruction that occurs from straying far from your Word. Jesus, you are the Word incarnate. Help me to keep my gaze on you always. Amen.’

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