DAY 23: The Miracle


‘Lord, this is exciting to see that Your life is really what is within me and that I am not responsible for my life, but Christ who lives in me. The joy of finding afresh this revelation is unexplainable. So my job is to give You space to live out Your life through me because, in reality, my real life no longer exists. The real me actually was crucified with Christ, and he no longer exists. Help me Lord to fully internalize this Rhema. The real, original me, does not exist. Christ is the one who lives in me. So my only task is to ensure that my will fully cooperate or permits the living Christ to live out His natural life in me. But herein Lord lies my small problem: how I wish that Christ did not need my will to cooperate with Him but that Christ simply lived out His life in me without recourse to me in any form. But because Christ is my life, then it means that the power of Christ within me has overwhelmed and overtaken my will, thereby giving my will the authority to cooperate with Christ who lives in me.


Lord, am not sure I fully understand all the dimensions of this paradoxical life, but I celebrate that my old me has died and it’s no longer that old Satan-dominated-life that lives in me. What joy and freedom that Christ now rules and reigns, and I walk with Him, walk beside Him, even as He is also within me, and as He unfolds all His glories, mysteries, and wonders through me. Hallelujah. Thank you for making this miracle happen, and I marvel as I see it unfold every day of my life. Praise God. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.’

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