DAY 24: I need Your heart


‘Help me Lord to see with my heart, even when I am blinded by bitterness and pain. Teach me not to see or read men, except with the heart of love. My heart, not my head, needs to lead me. I know that my head may make sense but it may not be the sense of God. Lord, I am blind. I don’t see. I don’t understand. I can’t discern correctly. I am prone to listen to reason rather than Your Spirit. Lord, I desperately want You. I don’t care what men think about me. I’ve been called many names: some good, many bad. But it doesn’t matter. What is important is that I see You, I hear You and I respond to men as You lead me.


Open my heart Lord to feel with Your heart. Make my heart connect to Your heart. Please, Lord. Sometimes, my heart becomes hard and careless and uncaring. Your heart is full of love for humanity. Despite all the depravity of man, You love him. That’s the heart I want, Lord. Give me the heart that cannot help but love. Even when bitterness crawls into my soul, please shine Your bright light of love again. I lean on You Lord, to help me. Let sorrow and bitterness and disappointment not blind me from loving men. Please, Lord. Keep me seeing with Your own eyes, the eye of compassion and care, even love for the stark sinner. Lord, if You don’t help me, my intellect will blind my understanding and block Your heart of love for man. I am vulnerable Lord. I am vulnerable. But I want Your heart. Give me Your heart of love. Give me Your heart of love again Lord. Amen.’

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