DAY 25: I want You!


‘To You Lord, I’ll be true. No matter what happens to me, I have crossed the line and cannot look back. It’s too late to begin to desire the shallow shadows of the old life. You’ve been teaching me the values of separation and seclusion, of listening and moving carefully with You. Lord, what does this world have to offer compared to what You offer? Through the pains of voluntary separation, I am learning to see more clearly how transient everything here really is. With the rushing up and down, we lose focus on the presence of Your  divine Presence amongst us. O Lord, I want You. O Lord, I need You. I want Your touch. I want to hear Your voice. I don’t want to continue as usual. It’s a tragedy to continue life as usual, even chasing the wind with my generation. How can I at this point still be chasing the wind; still be fighting with men for position, and ego, and self-importance.


O Lord, all this is useless chaff to me. I want God. I want intimacy with You Lord. I want deeper and more of You. No material succor can comfort or remove the longing. People celebrate the physical progress made in life. The only progress I want to celebrate is advances in knowing You, in touching You, in embracing You. All else is simply vanity of vanities and emptiness of life. All else will perish, but only You will remain. Help me stay focused on getting more of You Lord. Amen.’

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