DAY 26: Quietly Listen, Says the Lord


‘My son, to walk with me, you must practice constant quietness. It’s not possible to come with me and still allow the noises of the world into your spirit. Deep inside, there must be quietness. I am there in the inner sanctuary, and I will meet with you there, but you must protect the inner sanctuary. Keep the noise outside. Look at men. Listen to people, but don’t entertain all they say. Practice the discipline of quietness in your spirit. Look at things, look at life, look at situations; but don’t respond and don’t let them get into your mind. If you keep the world out of your spirit, you will find me ever ready to lead you and interpret life issues for you. But protect the sanctuary. As in the Holy of Holies, it is not a place for everything to come in and mess around. Look at life. Smile at men. But listen to me. Listen on the inside. I will tell you what your mind and your heart do not understand. Do you remember the woman caught in adultery? I did not respond to her accusers when they wanted me to. The same with when the High Priests & Pilate questioned me. I don’t respond to men when or how they want. I listen on the inside. What I hear, I speak. That’s the way I lived on the earth. Inner quietness. For the Christian mystics who have walked with me through the ages, they learned the discipline of quietness. If you learn this, you will talk less and listen more.


Something else, don’t try to be the life of the community by always talking and conversing. It may look like you have poor social skills, but the man with fewer words has deeper words. Don’t pander to society’s scale of good and bad communicators. Let the good communicator keep talking. You listen to me, and I will show you what to say, and it will mean more than the thousand words of the orator. So listen more. Speak less. Know that you are not less than them who love to talk. It’s not man who judges greatness. I do. And you are great when you count your words and speak only as I direct you. This is spirituality. This is the way to grow in knowing me.’


‘O Lord, I hear. Give me the grace to obey and practice Your instructions. In Jesus name. Amen.’

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