DAY 28: Love Me supremely

‘My son, don’t hate the world for I created it. Don’t hate the things or the people of the world because I created them. But put them where they belong, far below your love for Me. If your love for Me overwhelms you and consumes you, then you cannot love the world as the world demands. The love for the world would pale and lose power over you. But if you don’t have a hot brand of love for Me, then the things of the world and the love for the world will begin to consume you. The greatest protection of your life and your faith is to ensure your love for Me consumes your heart. Then you don’t have to hate the world; your affection for it will simply have no hold over you in any way. You will live in it, experience it, participate in it and even enjoy some things in it, while all the time, knowing that it cannot stand next to your love for My kingdom and Me. If this is how you think and see things, then you will remain safe in My love.’

‘Lord, this is how I see things, but I sometimes fall away and feel dragged away into focusing on the world around me and loving it too much. So help circumcise my heart Lord, and keep a constant alarm in my spirit that reminds me to pursue after You. Keep my heart set on You Lord. Inflame my heart by Your divine passion and keep my love for You burning insatiably hot. This is my deepest request of You, through Christ. Amen.’

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