Day 30: O! Shut Up


‘O! Shut up you babbler of the 21st century, you who are so easily satisfied with the promises and experiences of modern church preachers and postures. Why trouble me with your arrogant look wherein you think you have discovered some new revelation because some preacher excited your flesh and gave you some petty promises wrapped around some powerful testimonies, all for making you more pleasurable or comfortable in this life of decaying existence. Take away that look of self-exaltation that shows up your emptiness. All you have is the folly of men disguised as a new spiritual insight. When heaven calls you higher and deeper, how dare you equate that call to the appeal made by mere men? Can’t you see that your fundamental error stems from the fact that your preachers’ revelations are  always about you and the earth? The tangent of comparison is completely off. How can you compare the earthly with the heavenly? Can you compare dry crusty, moldy bread with that which is freshly baked and freshly delivered from the oven? What we have is this old fleshly doctrine of unregenerate man being pandered about as a divine revelation. Once the topic and focus is man’s comfort and livelihood and enjoyment on earth, we have lost sight of the greater heavenly invitation.


Look at the teachings of Jesus or of the saints of old: they could teach on earthly things but always elevating it to the heavenly and insisting that the earthly never be the final train stop on the journey of understanding. So be quiet O you preachers of the new dispensation!! Where were you when Christ suffered and died to present the heavenly over the earthly? Where were you when the early apostles suffered and died to ensure that the teachings of Christ are duly and rightly followed? Where were you when the reformers and revivalists fought and suffered and died to make sure that faith in Christ and in God be the essential focus and tenets of the Christian faith? How come you manifest at this close of the ages and rather than continue the great struggle to maintain truth, you have succumbed to the earthly passions and entered into the heresy of promoting human comforts and personal pleasures as the purposes and principles of Christlike living?


‘Lord, may I never leave my pilgrim journey and settle for the moldy bread of easy comfort. Lord, may I never be enticed to leave my desire for the celestial city, and to replace that for the cheap promises of vain men. Lord, may I pursue You above and beyond anything that this world has to offer me; and if the Church only offers me what I’ve rejected from the world, then Lord, give me the boldness to also reject that decayed part of the Church. Keep my heart focused on the pilgrim lifestyle and the hope to come while injecting my generation with the passions for Your glory and Your eternal calling. Amen.’

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