Matthew 2:12 (NKJV) 

Then, being divinely warned in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed for their own country another way. 


One of the surest ways God speaks is through our dreams. Unfortunately, too many of us do not understand the power of dreams and often dismiss the meaning of the dream as inconsequential. But your future and the future of your loved ones may just be tied to understanding, discerning and correctly interpreting your dreams. 


The life of baby Jesus was spared because the wise men understood their dream as a divine warning, and so did Joseph who fled with his family to Egypt in response to another dream (verse 13). Imagine the implications if either the wise men or Joseph had been careless about their dreams? Herod’s unleashed brutality and barbaric killing of the children of Bethlehem narrowly missed baby Jesus, because those who had received warnings in dreams, acted promptly.  


Could our failure to understand, interpret and rapidly respond to divine dreams, be the reason why we sometimes fall prey to Satan’s plundering? Of course, not all dreams are divine, and not all dreams are from God, but we must begin to place a greater premium on remembering, pondering, understanding, interpreting and correctly responding to our dreams. Remember, God is always speaking, and one of His favorite means of communicating with us remains through our dreams. Why is this? This is because, in dreams, He speaks directly to our spirit-man, without our constant interference or commentaries. 


Lord, I often dream, but I forget often. I know You are speaking through these often repeated dreams. Grant me the solemnity to prepare myself before sleeping, that I may awake with Your messages sent to me, still intact and understandable. And help me to interpret and act on them quickly. I know You’re guiding me, Lord through dreams and I ask that You please continue to do so, in Jesus name. Amen” 


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