Jude 1:9 (NKJV)

‘Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”’


There are things not revealed to us in scriptures and some things I will not bother searching out because it does not necessarily add value to my pilgrim journey or help me better represent my King here on earth. But this concerns me. The fact that angel Michael contended with Satan for the body of MOSES is important to note because it means that Satan may have reason to contend with or for my body after death. If the body of MOSES was a thing of contention and required the angel to invoke the name of the Lord to defeat Satan, then I am somewhat wondering why this was so. No other place am I aware of Satan contending for the body of a dead man. Is there value in a body after death? What did the devil want MOSES’ body for? Why not his spirit? And why was the body so important that a senior high-ranking angel had to be dispatched to sort it out, and even at that, he could not succeed without invoking the Lord’s name?


I don’t have the answers but I plead with God never to allow Satan have access to my body even after my death. I don’t think there is a possibility of this but since I don’t understand all mysteries, I plead with God to fulfill His promises to me and resurrect me on the day of my Lord’s return and clothe me with the resurrected body wherein I shall dwell for all eternity in the presence of my Lord.


‘Satan, the Lord rebuke you. You have no portion in my spirit, soul and body, in this life or after my death. I have been redeemed and you have no right to access or struggle for my body. I belong to the Lord, and in the name of Jesus, you will have no victory or portion in any part of me, for I am hid in God. My body belongs to God and even after death, you cannot touch my body, in Jesus name Amen.’

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  • Funmilayo says:

    Perhaps Moses was perverting what God intended (Numbers 20:6-8). God wanted Moses to know that it is not the rod. Before now all Moses did he did with the Rod. So God wanted them to know they can speak; they should not associate what HE is doing with a physical thing. It is faith in Him, the confidence and reliance to believe …I can trust this Rock to support me. Moses did not understand. Moses was showing that one can manipulate the Rock. God does not want any to rely on substance…holy water, oil, scarfs, handkerchief even works devoid of intimacy with HIM. Satan wanted Moses’ body , so a tomb for pilgrimage by those whose faith has been ship wretched by putting their confidence in substance of things seen will be established.

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