Jude 1:10 (NLT)

‘…Like unthinking animals, they do whatever their instincts tell them, and so they bring about their own destruction.’


I don’t trust my instincts. People say they just ‘follow their feelings’ but this can be very dangerous. The feelings and instincts of the unregenerate man are definitely not in harmony with the will of God. The unsaved and uncrucified life will have an instinct that is dictated to him by the flesh and the will of the old nature. The scriptures say clearly that such a man will end up in destruction. The path of the fleshly man who follows his human instinct is towards disobedience to God, which eventually correlates with and ends up in destruction. This is to be expected. The hard words used to describe such people are, ‘unthinking animals’.


But even as a child of God, I must be very wary of instinctively responding to mere instinct. I know that God can lead through the inward stirring of the regenerated consciousness of the saved man. Such a conscience is alive in the Holy Spirit and is therefore quickened by God to hear from the heavenly realm. I know God most likely drives my instinct but for safety sake, I need to be aware that the flesh is an intruder and may sometimes penetrate uninvited into the secret chambers of the heart. For this reason, I stay on the alert and rarely respond impulsively unless I have a full guarantee from God that the instinct I feel deep within is from God.


‘Lord, may my inner consciousness and my conscience be so deeply interwoven with your Spirit that every stirring I feel deep within must and only come from you. And if for any reason, my defenses have been penetrated and the flesh speaks a word to deceive me, Lord, help me detect the lie and reject it immediately. Amen.’

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