‘Then the earth shook and trembled; The foundations of the hills also quaked and were shaken, Because He was angry.’


God doesn’t just sit idly by while the enemy plunders us. He cares for us and feels for us. What hurts us hurts Him and if in His sovereignty He chooses not to act on a situation immediately, it doesn’t mean He is not touched by our struggles and needs. He is. Our God is irrevocably committed to us and it shows in how He feels when we undergo difficulties, and in how He responds.


Our God is an emotional God and He is emotionally connected to us.  From verses eight to fifteen, we see the Almighty responding to the cry of His Saint. Just like a father or mother would do when their beloved baby child is distraught and calls out for help, so does our God respond, with all His passions and emotions. In His response to our adversary, we see God become angry (v.7), smoke coming out of His nostrils and devouring fire from His mouth (v.8), He bowing down the heavens and coming down (v.9), He flying over quickly on the wings of the wind (v.10), He thundering from heaven (v.13), He sending out arrows to scattering my foes (v.14). He did not rest until He brought me full deliverance from my strong enemies who were too strong for me (v.17).


Isn’t God amazing?


‘Thank you so much Lord for your everlasting commitment to me; a commitment I could never repay you for and a commitment that I do not deserve. But I thank you so much and like a little baby, I feel so secure knowing you will do anything to ensure I am okay in body, spirit and soul. Teach me to rest in the fact of your commitment. Amen.’

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