Genesis 48:16 (NKJV)

“…Let my name be named upon them, And the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac…”


Although your children are part of a historical genealogy, they are first and foremost your children and your primary responsibility. They will listen to you. They will obey you. Israel understood this. Yes, they were children of Abraham and Isaac, but Israel knew he had a role to play in grafting them into the historic tree.


Play your role in bringing your children into the family tree. They are part of a larger body and a wider tree. Joseph could not play that role because he had been alienated from the family because of his journey into Egypt, but Israel knew he had a role to play.


Don’t let your children or grandchildren be isolated from the family clan. Intentionally bring them in; graft them in.


“Yes Lord, I hear You. I must not let my spirituality cut my children off from the historical lineage of my ancestors. They need to know their physical and biological roots. But beyond that O Lord, I hear You saying that my children also need to be grafted into the spiritual lineage to which I belong. I need to intentionally show them the paths and the ways of the Saints who had molded and shaped my spiritual journey; that hopefully, they may be grafted into that family of spiritual ancestors. Hmm! This is a tough one Lord, and I need Your help. Amen.”

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