Day 3
“The present generation of Christians has suffered what I call the lost concept of majesty. This has come about by a slow decline, manifesting itself in our depreciation of ourselves.”

“These days everybody has some shortcut into the blessings of God’s presence: ‘Five easy steps to happiness’ or ‘Ten easy steps to get everything you want from God.’ However, there is no nice neat formula for this. Rather, we need to whet the spiritual appetite for that which it truly craves: the presence of God. I know well that if you can explain it, it certainly is not the majestic presence of God.”

“The poor, undernourished, immature Christian goes from one religious gadget to another, ending up with an emptiness inside that they cannot comprehend.”

“I hope you will catch the passion and press forward to delight in the conscious, manifest presence of God. Thomas à Kempis understood this and wrote, ‘If you are to live an interior life you must learn to enjoy His intimacy, unhampered by any interruption from the world outside.’ He expands this thought in his book The Imitation of Christ: ‘For a man to make real spiritual progress, he must deny himself; a man who has made this renunciation enjoys great freedom and security.’ “

Culled from A. W. Tozer, _“The Crucified Life”

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