Psalms 18:25-27 (NKJV)

‘With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful; With a blameless man You will show Yourself blameless; With the pure You will show Yourself pure; And with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd…For You will save the humble people…’


As you place yourself, so does God present Himself. As am man thinketh of himself, so does God respond to him. It’s clear that God shows different sides of Himself to different types of people and you should therefore not be surprised that He seems to be showing only a particular side of Himself to you. You are the reason!!


Stay humble and God will visit you. If you present yourself as any other type of person, you will need to face the Personality of God that fits that type. But if I present myself as the needy and humble man who cannot exist without God, that personality attracts the help and salvation from God; for He cannot reveal Himself in any other way to the humble and contrite heart.


So we are the one who decide what face of God we see.


‘Lord, forbid me from pride or any other personality expression. Help me always remember that you show yourself as the strong deliverer to those who are dependent and needy and humble. Keep me simple and humble at all times O Lord of my life. Please, Lord, this is my cry because I cannot survive without your help. Amen.’

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