Genesis 35:9 (NKJV).

“Then God appeared to Jacob again, when he came from Padan Aram, and blessed him.”

God does not stop revealing Himself to the child of Covenant. As a member of His kingdom, God keeps speaking. God doesn’t keep silent. God constantly wants to reassure His child that he is blessed and that he has God’s presence behind him. How reassuring this must have been to Jacob that God would speak to him personally, again and again, promising a bright and beautiful future.

Once the idols have been removed, it is nothing for God to speak expressly to His own. The only limitation to the divine interaction is the presence of strange gods. Get rid of all your idols, and the revelation of God shall again be renewed upon you.

“I need You to appear to me, Lord, and bless me by speaking to me. I am desperate for You. These foolish idols have cheated me long enough. I reject every affection and addiction that’s fighting for my attention. In the name of Jesus, I declare freedom from every distracting activity and enticement, so that my Lord may appear and speak with me expressly again. Come and speak Lord. Please come, Lord. Amen.”

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