Matthew 2:3 (NKJV) 

“When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.” 


Why was Herod troubled and all Jerusalem with him? That a child was born? What could a defenseless child do to a mighty king like Herod? But Herod was wise and so were his people. They knew that the child today could become a king tomorrow. They could discern a threat to their throne and their system. They did not know who the child was, but they knew he was dangerous, even as a child. 


Jesus has always been a threat to the establishment. Established political and established religious systems have feared this defenseless carpenter of Nazareth. From the days of Herod even to this day, the leaders of established kingdoms fear the simplicity and piety of Jesus and His followers. In fact, governments, scholars, armies and religious bodies (including Christian religious groups and denominations) have feared and still fear the simple words and message of Jesus. Over two thousand years after His ascension to heaven, the Herod’s of this world still live in trepidation of this non-violent man, even while occupying their strong fortresses of worldly power, wealth, wisdom, fame, and religiosity. One must wonder why?  


“Lord Jesus, I know why they fear You. Because even in Your defenseless simplicity, You are Lord and Your Words have the power to bring down the kingdoms of this world which are built on falsehood and lies. You are Truth personified, You are the very life of God, and all who do not live in God or live the God-way must live in the petrifying fear of Your pure God-life. We bow before You as our Lord and God. Amen. 


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