Genesis 34:9-10 (NKJV).

“And make marriages with us; give your daughters to us, and take our daughters to yourselves. So you shall dwell with us…Dwell and trade in it, and acquire possessions for yourselves in it.”‘

Don’t be bought cheap. Don’t let your grievance be pacified by cheap means. Don’t enter into a selfish, sinful arrangement for personal gain. This will bring about a corruption of your lineage and cut you off from the covenant. Don’t let Satan deceive you & sidetrack you with the seduction of material gains.

Jacob’s family was offered an open cheque; all they had to do was drop the terms of the eternal & historic covenant with God to solve & satisfy an immediate and pressing issue. This is seduction at its height: forget your eternal inheritance, enjoy the present. Satan is always inviting us to compromise our identity to satisfy a temporary longing.

Resist every seduction to be bought cheap. You are a royal priesthood and holy nation.

“I will not be bought or sold. I belong to my King and You alone, Lord, have the right to my life. Temporary and fleeting pleasures have no power over me; only You Lord. Satan, take all your gifts away because they cannot hold my heart. I belong to the King and by Your covenant Oh Lord, I stand. Amen.”

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