Matthew 2:2 (NKJV) 

“…For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.” 


I don’t believe astrology or the worship of the stars. I don’t believe in star reading, star gazing, palm reading or any of these esoteric practices, which are all demonic. But the lesson that drops in my spirit this morning is this: by the power of a heavenly life God will lead people to You. Jesus, the God-Child, had in Himself, even as a child, all the attributes of the Godhead and the entire universe and planetary systems acknowledged His birth by drawing wise men to bow before Him. This is the power of a heaven endorsed life, bringing the wise of the world into worship and reverence. The wise in God knows where God is working and respond to Him.  


Likewise, if we will steep our lives in Christ and let Him have His full sway in us, the Jesus in us will draw the wise and the influential to recognize and acknowledge God in us. Without doing much or saying much, God will attract people to our presence, and people will realize that God is with us. The key to a godly influence is therefore simply soaking oneself in Christ and letting the persona of Christ in you to draw the people of influence to you. Christ in you, even in babe form, remains the key to godly non-political influence. Jesus attracts and Jesus in you, attracts attractively. 


Lord Jesus, O, how sweet it is to dwell in You and have You dwell in me. How sweet to sit still and watch You draw men on influence to Yourself through me and in me. How lovely it is to have You work in me to impact those considered wise, without any struggles or fight. O Jesus, how beautiful to dwell in You and You in me. Amen.” 




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