Galatians 6:3 (NKJV)

‘For if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.’


Truth be told: if you think of yourself to be something, then you are really nothing. How we tend to elevate ourselves and make ourselves feel so important. How we so desire the recognition and praise of men. How we need someone to always scratch the ego within. How angry and resistant we feel when we are not made to feel important or when someone seems to be outshining us. Why do we become so restless and so agitated when something makes us feel small or insignificant? It’s all in our self-deception. The ugly stench of our self-importance is offensive to God.


We live in a fool’s paradise when we make ourselves important to ourselves. This deception originates from the wicked face of self. And the way to deal with this deception is by continually making yourself small in your own eyes. Making yourself small before men is not as important as that inward attitude and inner self-description that puts you where you truly belong. My confession needs to constantly be: ‘I am nothing outside Jesus.’ And if I am nothing outside Jesus, then what is it I need to boast about or why must I seek any form of glory since I am actually nothing outside Christ. I must puncture the balloon of pride by daily repeating the confession to my nothingness. I must labor to ensure that Jesus continually takes all the glory, fame and attention that men may heap on me. The man, who knows himself, does not seek the praises of men. The delusional man walks around stinking of his own self-importance and rejoices in his stench. That is so sad.


‘Deliver me again and again from self-praise and from the desire for human recognition. These corrupt desires only pollute the pure waters of God working in me and through me. Teach me how to stand for what is right, set forth my ideas clearly, stand straight without fear in the community of men, give out the best I can possibly give- all without seeking to elevate or create an importance about myself. Deliver me from the stench of self, Lord. Deliver me please. This is a delicate balance that only you Lord can help me make every day. And I can ask for your help to make this happen. Amen.’

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