Matthew 5:9 (NKJV)

“Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God.”


In a world full of hurt, chaos, emotional pain, broken relationships and mistrust, we must bring forth a different vibe among the children of men. The child of God has a true mark. We must be known as pursuers of peace. We must reach out even when it is looked upon as foolishness. We must take the risk of being misunderstood, to try to build peace and trust among men. Children of God must not be known to cause friction, confusion and emotion pain, except of course when pain occurs from our obeying God. God is sending us into the world with the message of peace so that peace, trust, and hope are reconstructed where it has broken down.


Don’t stand on the sidelines while Satan ravages our relationships. Speak up. Stand for righteousness and truth. Don’t allow hatred and bitterness to fester in your presence while you do nothing about it. Take the risk. Step out of your comfort zone. Stick your head in and engage your broken world. We qualify for the task because the Prince of Peace is within us. Remember, genuine and lasting peace must be on the platform of righteousness. Only Jesus can bring lasting peace. Every other peace will fluctuate and break down eventually, if Jesus is not at the center. In seeking to bring reconciliation, healing, and trust, Jesus must be part of the equation. Always find a way for Jesus to come in. Only Jesus can keep the peace in this fragmented and fallen world. The genuine mark of a genuine child of God is that he is a peace bearer, and wherever he goes, the peace of God follows him. Praise God.


“Lord, may I be known to be a peace bearer. May I be known to be a marketer of truth-based peace. May I be known to be one who fights for unity and reconciliation and forgiveness and healing. O Lord, may I be known as a child of God and may this be the mark I bear even before the sons of men. Amen.”


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