I am bothered by this rampage of “turn around” excitement particularly in what we call the “ember months.” It seems like these months have released a fear in Christians, that the Church has fueled by creating more “deliverance turn around meetings” to ward off the special “ember month demons.”

But is it biblical? Are there special demons released during the ember months? If so, do we need to “do more” to ward them off or simply keep doing what we did in previous months, trusting God to come through for us as He did in the pre-ember months? How about the many who served God faithfully through the years, and God allowed “thorns” to remain in their flesh and they died with the thorns in their flesh? Did they not experience a “turn around”? Were they failures or less spiritual? Does turn around mean escaping difficulties associated with following Christ?

My conviction is that one reason for the growing spiritual emptiness in many Christians today stem from our growing emptiness in our doctrines & theology. We are raising a generation of “ice cream Christians” who only love sweet & succulent promises but fear the hardship & thorns that come with following Christ faithfully. Yes, we need a “turn around” but it need not be tied to physical promises and materialistic improvement. Our turnarounds need not be tied to physical deliverance & financial promotions. There can be “turn arounds” that lead us deeper into the experience of a glorious Christ or a turn around that leads into passionate soul winning or a turn around that leads you away from a secular calling into the ministry of serving your community or suffering for Christ.

The needed new & radical generation that will “turn the Church around” will not arise if we don’t evacuate our minds from the plagues of empty positive confessions. We must fill our hearts with the total gospel & embrace it in its totality; and not some juicy version that gives us good feeling all the time.

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