I am called to live, not die.
I think I’ve been focusing on death for so long that I missed the whole point of dying.
Dying to Self is only a process to Life.
Dying to the old nature is only a channel to get rid of the obstacles to living the resurrected life.
The vision of God for my life is not to die to Self but to live to God.
What honors God is not the dying daily, but the living daily.

“Lord, I know I must die before I can live.
I embrace death because without it, I cannot live the heavenly life.
But Lord, take my eyes beyond the pains & processes of death.
Lord, lift my eyes up to see the glorious result of the crucified life.
Let the joy of that life propel me forward into death and through death; never making death my end point.
Oh Lord, take me beyond the cross, beyond the grave.
Take me Lord into the vibrant new dawn of resurrection & make that my every daily abode.
This is pray and desire.
In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

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