It’s all in the mind.
What we do, where we go, who we become;
Is all connected to the mind.
The mind is powerful,
It’s amazingly influential.
All that we become is tied to what we permit to happen in our minds.
That’s why Jesus calls us to love the Lord, “with all our minds.”
Unless the mind is engaged, the battle is lost.
All victories are first won in the mind,
And all failures first happened in the mind.
Our devotion to God must include the mind,
Otherwise the mind will abort every effort of the body and spirit.
The mind is the powerhouse of the body.
The mind is the engine that directs and controls and monitors.
When the body and spirit have agreed on a direction,
They must invite the mind in to execute.

The world understands this and targets the mind.
All adverts are targeting the mind.
All attractions and seductions are aiming for the mind.
Once they capture our minds, they have won.
And they know this.
That’s why the world system puts a premium of advertising.
Direct and indirect advertising is aimed at influencing the mind.
Repetition is key to changing the direction of the mind.
Why are billions spent every year on repeatedly showcasing products?
Because we become inoculated and inundated through repetition.
We are becoming slaves to men sit somewhere and decide what we should think, how we should think it and when we should think it.
These manipulators have gained access to the minds of millions and they drive them in the direction they should go.

That’s why we have been called to “renew our minds.”
We cannot be naive about this.
There is a battle for our minds and we need to fight it at the mind level.
This is not a call to prayer.
This is a call to responsively and deliberately guard our minds.
And the best way to guard the mind is to ensure that it is not open to casual and superfluous influences.
It means putting a gate before the entrance of our minds and systematically vetting what goes into it.
It means filling our kinds with the cultures and customs of heaven.
It means being proactive in bring God’s Word and spiritual information into our minds.
It’s all a mind game and the winner is the one who is more diligent in flooding the mind with his or her products.
We have resources that should shape and direct our minds.
We need to open the floodgates of these resources into our minds,
Repeatedly infusing God’s truth into our minds in a deliberate and systematic order.
This is the only way our minds can stay renewed.
Spirituality does not happen in a vacuum.
Spirituality is a deliberate process of human formation tied to the methodical rhythm of inputs and outputs into and out of the mind.
I have made my choice.
It’s I against the world.
I will not be conformed to their lied and garbage.
I will conform only to heavens blueprints and I will protect my mind;
In fact, I will flood my thinking space with facts and information that will shape me into the image of God, whom I love and I am committed to serve.
I will win because I have found the secret of winning against the world.
It’s all in the mind.

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