I am confronted with a reality again this morning,
And that’s that only God can change me.
Regeneration is not a work of man.
No matter how well I will desire to change,
Change must come from above.
Regeneration means “to generate anew,”
And I cannot generate a new lifestyle or new way of thinking or new nature.
I cannot!
Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit,
Made available to those who believe.
Because I believe, I am a candidate for regeneration,
But I must never equate my faith to the regeneration,
As though my faith was the power that brought regeneration.
We must come to the point of total dependency,
The point where we know that even our best wishes and best efforts cannot bring change in our nature.
Our hard work and intense discipline may control external behavior,
But we must differentiate external conformity to inner transformation.
A dog may stop eating bones out of a strong discipline to change action,
And it may actually start eating grass for a season,
But the inner nature of the dog has not changed,
And its deepest longing for bones has not evaporated.
It endures the eating of grass but deep within,
It knows that this is not who it is and what it is meant to be eating.
Regeneration has not taken place.
Desire has not changed.
The old nature has remained intact.
The dog may eat grass like a cow,
But the dog is still the dog.

Discipline is good but regeneration is better.
Regeneration changes the inner nature.
Regeneration transforms the heart desire.
Regeneration digs deeper and changes roots.
Regeneration really “re-creates” a new person.
This is the beauty of the work of Christ.
Jesus did not come to create conformists.
Jesus did not come to call us to become moral gurus.
Jesus came to redeem and then to regenerate.

I must not stop at redemption and forgiveness of sins.
There’s more in Christ.
I must long for and believe that regeneration is God’s will for me.
God did not send Jesus to raise a generation of crippled believers who limp through life, barely surviving the temptations and seductions of the world.
God sent Jesus to raise a brand new creation of humanity whose nature are totally aligned with heaven.
My entire being is redeemed and regenerated into the life of God.
This is my portion in Christ Jesus
And I will not settle for anything less.
And guess what?
Because I believe in this truth and I want it,
God is committed to do what only He can do which is:
“Create a God-life in me that is above anything this world has to offer or anything that this world can take away.”
My life is above the world because my life is regenerated into Christ.

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