“Lord, it’s not my desire that others suffer because of me,

But I am realizing that my obedience to You will hurt others.

There are loved ones who may suffer because I choose to live as You have called me to live.

There are friends and neighbors who may feel slighted or insulted just because I have chosen to obey You.

There are family members who may feel neglected or limited, because of my decisions to obey You.

Lord, I have not sought to offend or deny anyone anything intentionally.

I only seek to obey You

But I know that obedience to You may have dire consequences on others.


“Oh Lord, if it were possible,

May others not suffer on account of me.

However Lord, I know this is a foolish prayer.

Oh Lord, comfort and strengthen those who may feel the heat of God because of my decision to obey You.

Help me also not to disobey You in order to please them.

I love them but I must please You.

May my love for You so consume me that I will never change my decisions because I fear that my loved ones will face discomfort.

Although it’s an unintended consequence of following You,

People are getting hurt because of me.

Encourage those offended by my life of obeying You, Oh Lord.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

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