“Wound me Jesus!

I know this is a dangerous prayer but I mean it.

Catch me and wound me Jesus.

Wound my pride.

Wound my self conceitedness.

Wound my arrogance.

Wound my sense of superiority.

Wound my sensual addictions to inordinate desires.

Wound me Jesus.


“I cannot claim to know what I need because I don’t.

I cannot claim to know how to pray because I don’t.

All I know is that my life is not a beautiful example of heaven’s image,

And this is an offense to God.

I know that there’s more of God to be had.

I know that if I am still strong and in charge of my life,

I will never enter into that holy place of transformation.

I know that I am in need of wounding.

I need the pain of being humiliated.

I need the pain of heart circumcision.

I need the pain of feeling neglected.

I need the pain of rejection.

All these pains are good for me because they wake me up.

I need to awake from the false impressions built in and around me by me.

Self is so wicked and deceitful, hence the need for the wounding.


“Awake my inner conscience and consciousness through pain.

Smite me Lord and bruise me in such a way that I realize I am but a man.

I cannot be allowed to arrogate arrogance to myself.

I will not be a Herod who had to be smitten by an angel and worms ate him because he forgot he was but a man.

No Lord, I don’t want Angels to smite me.

I want You to smite me because You will do it with love.

When You smite me, You do it to heal me and not to destroy me.

Your pain brings healing and restoration.

Your wounds bring wholeness and completeness.

So I am afraid but I know it’s the right prayer to make:

Wound me Lord, that I may be healed.


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