Day 28: The Secret Of Desperation

Sep 20, 2020

“Desperation will turn you into a different person. A drowning man has only one thought on his mind—how to get air. Nothing else matters to him. Life’s priorities become very simple. The hemorrhaging woman of Mark 5:25 was willing to press her way through the crowd because the only thing that mattered was touching Jesus. Desperation produces tunnel vision.

“When you are made desperate for God, your pursuit of God takes on a different quality. When it’s personal survival that’s at stake, you begin to seek Jesus in a different way. You get a look in your eye that appears half-crazed to others. You’re willing to go anywhere or do anything. No price tag is too high. You look at other people and think, ‘I love you, I respect you, I think you’re a very nice person—but if you don’t get out of my way I’m going to run you over. Because I have got to touch Jesus!

“Banal sources of entertainment, such as television and movies, have to go. Invitations to parties are spurned. Others start to pull away because you’re not as much fun as you used to be. But it’s irrelevant to you because you’re desperate for God. Nothing else matters right now except touching the hem of Jesus’ garment.

“Desperate people don’t struggle with the same distractions and hindrances as the general population.

“When you begin to seek God with this kind of desperation, powerful spiritual winds begin to blow around your life. You’re setting off a storm! Things begin to change inside you at an unprecedented rate. Angelic activity (both good and evil) surrounding your life becomes intense, even though you may not be aware of it. You gain the attention of heaven and hell.

“And what’s happening on the inside? You’re coming alive to the word of God! His word is feeding and sustaining you. New insights are electrifying and carrying you. The closeness of His presence begins to intoxicate you. The revelation of His love for you is redefining your relationship with Him. The understanding of His heart and purposes is giving you a whole new perspective on the kingdom of God. You’re becoming addicted to the glories of the secret place!

“I’m inviting you to pray a crazy prayer—a dangerous prayer. ‘Lord, make me desperate for You!’ If you will cry out to Him from the depths of your heart, He will hear you. He knows exactly where you’re at, He knows how much you can bear, and He is able to craft an answer to that prayer that will produce a great cry of desperation within your soul. He knows how to make us hungry!

“When we enter a season of distress, our first response is to cry out for relief. However, God does not always bring immediate relief because He destines the distress to produce desperation within us…I have read the stories of believers who were imprisoned for many years for their faith who, after their release, wept over the loss of the intimacy with God that they once had while in prison.”Bob Sorge

My Prayer
“Lord, I don’t ask for physical imprisonment but I am so desperate for You that I ask You to please do whatever You need to do to draw me deeper. I am crazy for You, Lord. Make me hungry for You, Lord. Make me more crazy for You Lord. Make my priorities simple, focused and sharp. I will not pursue what others are pursuing. Lord, I refuse to live by other people’s standards and their passions. I have my passion and my passion is You. I will not accept or be derailed by my limitations, my distractions, my excuses or other people’s agenda. Oh Lord, chase me down and make me desperate and restless for You. Please Lord, make me desperate. Amen.”

The Challenge
Be desperate. Don’t be modest about your desperation. Don’t be apologetic. Be crazy for God.