Day 46: The Secret Of Bridal Identity

Oct 8, 2020

“The heavenly Bridegroom likens us to a dove when He says, ‘You have dove’s eyes’ (Song of Solomon 1:15). To Him, we are a like a turtledove that lacks peripheral vision. So here’s what your Lord says to you, His bride: ‘You have dove’s eyes. You have tunnel vision for Me only. You’re not distracted with other affections and desires to the right or the left. Your gaze is upon Me only, and I love that!’ You are His bride, and you have eyes for One only, your Beloved. 

“Believers fulfill the feminine role in the relationship as we commune with our Lord. He initiates, we respond; He gives, we receive; He impregnates, we bring to birth; He leads, we follow; He loves, we reciprocate; He rules, we reign with Him…We relate to the Father as sons; we relate to the Lord Jesus as a bride. 

“New dimensions of intimacy and responsiveness open to us when we embrace our bridal identity and relate to Jesus as our Bridegroom. 

“When Jesus looks at us, clothed in white garments of righteousness, replete with good works, mature in affections, making ourselves ready for our wedding day, His ravished heart soars with delight and desire for His espoused virgin, His bride. 

“Jesus didn’t die to marry ‘amazon woman,’ a battle axe of a bride that is so tough that she intimidates with her hulking strength and imposing demeanor. Nor did He die to marry a workhorse who will tirelessly labor to fulfill His household chores and glean His fields. He died for love. He died to marry a beautiful bride who will walk with Him, talk with Him, dream with Him, laugh with Him, strategize with Him, and rule with Him. 

“It’s true that we’re soldiers, and we are involved in high-level strategic warfare, and the Lord is depending on us to fight the good fight of faith. And it’s true that we’re laborers in His vineyard, working assiduously in the harvest fields to bring all of the wheat into His barn. But Jesus didn’t die to win for Himself an army or a labor force; He died for a bride. 

“We come primarily as His bride, to enjoy His embrace and to lavish upon Him our love. The secret place is a celebration of our highest identity—His bride! It’s the place of intimate love exchange.

“Although many metaphors are used for God’s people—e.g., we are His body, His temple, an army, etc.—the last metaphor that the Bible uses to reveal our identity is that of ‘the bride.’ I believe this is a prophetic declaration that at the end of the age God’s people will come into a fuller ownership of their identity as the bride of Christ. While every image has its limitations, the most complete metaphor of our identity is that of the bride. Jesus is returning for a bride consumed with bridal affections for her beloved Bridegroom! 

“Knowing that a bride and bridegroom just love to be together, let me ask you a question. Do you ever waste time with the Lord? When I ask that question, I’m thinking of Mary of Bethany who lavished her inheritance (the costly flask of fragrant oil) upon the Lord, and was reviled by the disciples with the words, ‘Why this waste?’ (Matthew 26:8). 

“So again, do you ever waste time with the Lord? What I mean is, after you have done your Bible reading, and after you have praised and worshiped, after you have presented your requests and interceded, and after you have been filled and renewed in the Holy Spirit, do you ever spend just a little more time with Him only for the sake of love? You don’t ‘need’ to spend any more time in the secret place for your own sake, but you choose to stay there just to ‘waste’ some time in His presence for His sake—because you’re a lovesick bride, and you just long to be with Him. 

“When we’re able to be with Him, we’re overjoyed; when other tasks pull us away from that companionship, we feel only a sense of loss and frustration. And an even keener anticipation of our next time together! The secret place is not where we perform our sacred duty as a believer but where we revel in the delight of being with the One our soul loves.”Bob Sorge 

My Prayer

“I am Your Bride, Lord. I am Your turtle-dove. I have tunnel-vision. I refuse to see other side-attractions. You are my consuming passion. My desire is for only You. My My heart longs for Your ravishing affection. May I ravish Your heart Oh Lord, as Your Bride. May Your thoughts ever be upon me—to pour out Your love on me. You died for me. You gave Your life for me. That is the greatest love-gift anyone can give. I am forever indebted to You as One who has paid the supreme dowry for my love and acceptance. I accept You Lord and I love You Lord. Thank You for being there always for me, as the ever faithful Bridegroom. Amen.”

The Challenge

Choose tunnel-vision. Protect the core of your heart for Him. Fight off all side-attractions. Let your heart be ravished by your Bridegroom.