Day 47: The Secret Of Clinging

Oct 9, 2020

“For by You I can run against a troop, by my God I can leap over a wall”—Psalm 18:29

“Especially in times of difficulty or trouble, when we really feel our need for Him, we will cling to Him as a person who can’t swim might cling to a life vest…During crisis seasons, the secret place becomes our source of survival as we come aside to cling to Him and cry out for help. There are times when I’m especially clingy. 

“There are times when my soul is being blown about with winds, and I don’t even understand the nature of the warfare. If I knew where the warfare was coming from, or if I knew how to defend myself, it would be a lot easier…The only thing I know to do in those times is to get away to the secret place, tremble before Him in my vulnerability, and cling to Him desperately. 

“I have found the stronger I feel in myself, the easier it is to move right past God. The weaker I feel, the more desperately I reach out to Him for direction and insight. Therefore, when I’m weaker, I usually follow Him more closely…In my times of greatest weakness.

“You won’t mind so much clinging to Him in public if you’ve already been clinging to Him in private. The secret place is where we establish ourselves as clingers to His side. When we lose our ‘clinginess’ to Him, we become prey to all sorts of deceptions and pitfalls. 

“It’s possible for us, after all our training and experience, to reject the very thing God has determined to use in a central way in this hour. Attention all builders: We need to maintain a constant awareness of our own ineptitude. 

“In clinging to Jesus, Mary Magdalene was a representation of the endtime bride of Christ. Like Mary of long ago, there is a bridal company today that is yearning for His appearing, looking for Him, peering into the darkness, lovesick with longing to see Him. Weeping. And waiting. This is the kind of bride Jesus is coming back for.”—Bob Sorge

My Prayer

“I am in that company of those who yearn for Your appearance, oh Lord. I am lovesick with longing. This world is full of so much stress and uncertainties that I cannot wait to go from here and be with You Lord. However, in the interim, I will cling to You for my very life and survival. I will cling to You because if I don’t, I know I will drown. The wild beasts of this age will swallow me. I know it. I have seen what they can do and what they have done to others. Lord, I desperately need You to hold me because I don’t think I can hold You tight enough or long enough. I cling to You by the grace You give me. I cling to You for my very survival. The waves and storms are too strong for me. I cling to You with my very last breathe. See me Lord, and help me Lord. May I never trust in my human skills and abilities. Never let me imagine that I know what to do; because I don’t. It is self-deception to think that I can survive the wild beasts and wilder storms, except by Your help. I look to You Jesus. I hold on to You Jesus. I will never let You go. I will not be sophisticated about it. I will not be ashamed to display my heavy need for You in my life. I will not act independent because I cannot make it as an independent. I will ever cling to You because my life is wrapped up in Yours, and there is no hope for me outside of You. I am tired Lord. I need You more desperately now than ever. Amen.” 

The Challenge

 Stop trusting your strength. Live the dependent life. Cling to Jesus with all your heart. All your skills and abilities will fail you. Stop today, and chose the clinging lifestyle. And don’t be ashamed to be known as a clinger.