Day 48: The Secret Of Walking With God

Oct 10, 2020

“God created man for the enjoyment of a walking relationship that involved companionship, dialogue, intimacy, joint decision-making, mutual delight, and shared dominion. God longs to walk with you, which is why His arms of grace have been pulling you into a closer walk with Him. 

“The secret place is not the destination; it is only the catalyst. It is designed of God to establish us in an intimate friendship with Him that is walked out through the course of our everyday lives. The goal we’re after is an everyday walk of unbroken communion with our Lord and Friend. 

“Even though men began to call upon the name of the Lord in the early days (Genesis 4:26), Enoch was the first man to uncover the true delight of walking with God. He found something even Adam didn’t experience. He pressed into God until he learned how to commune with God through every facet of life. To find that dimension of relationship certainly required an intense spiritual pursuit, and then when he found it the Lord made a graphic statement by catching him up to heaven 

“When the zeal of God captures you, it will ignite you with a great passion to walk with God and to be His friend…One can only wonder what glorious depths of intimacy Enoch uncovered. Perhaps Enoch’s heart longed so deeply for more of God that God grew weary of withholding Himself. 

“As we walk with Him, He will open the Scriptures to us through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation and reveal to us the light of the glory of God that is to be found in Him. 

“When we walk with God, we enter the dimension where God unfolds the secrets of His kingdom. These are the paths that the ancients trod before us. Noah knew the secret of walking with God (Genesis 6:9), as did Abraham (Genesis 24:40). Through Christ, you can explore the glorious riches of knowing God like they did—and to even a greater degree because of the Spirit which has been given to us! 

“God wants to walk with us before He works through us. So He will wait to act until He finds the right man or woman through whom He can work. To put it bluntly, God works with His friends. He doesn’t decide what He wants to do and then start looking for someone to use. He looks for a man or a woman, and once He finds him or her, He then decides what He wants to do with them. 

“When God has a Noah, He can do a flood. When God has a Joseph, He can give Pharaoh a divine dream. When God has a Moses, He can plan a mighty deliverance for His people. When God has an Elijah, He can send fire from heaven. When God has a Samuel, He can test Saul’s heart. When God has a Jesus, He can save the world. Oh beloved, learn to walk with God! 

“When God has a friend, divine activity accelerates. 

“Things were fairly regular around Babylon until Daniel showed up. But now that there was a man in Babylon who walked with God, God could accelerate His purposes. All kinds of things started to hap- pen. Nebuchadnezzar began to receive divine dreams; men were preserved in a fiery furnace; Nebuchadnezzar lost his mind for seven years and then was restored; a hand appeared and wrote on a wall; Daniel was delivered from the mouth of the lions; and some of the most detailed revelations of future events were recorded. All these things could take place because God had a Daniel who walked with Him. 

“…God will use the one who walks with Him. But He’s looking especially for three crucial qualities: humility, faithfulness, and loyalty. He wants to work with friends who are loyal to Him, no matter what. Even when circumstances would suggest God is unjust, His true friends continue to walk with Him. So the Lord will test our fidelity. 

“Jesus was the quintessential example of a Man who walked with God. He walked so closely with God that He was always in the Spirit, even when shaking Himself awake from a groggy sleep. When I first wake up, I’m sometimes grumpy or dopey. But when they awakened Jesus out of a deep sleep, He silenced the storm! What an amazing attainment, to be awakened out of a dead sleep and be instantly in the Spirit. Lord, if I should awake in this Your likeness, with this depth of walk, then I shall be satisfied! 

“Here’s the secret: The secret place is where we develop a walking relationship with God. We must develop a secret history with God before He gives us a public history before people. Hidden in the secret place, we learn what He’s looking for in friends, and we find out what pleases Him. Our inner chamber with Him becomes our training ground for a life that is rooted and grounded in love.”—Bob Sorge

Bob’s Prayer

“Lord, I want to be Your friend, your confidant, loyal to the death. I want to walk with You, talk with You, listen to You, hear Your heart, and participate in Your activities in this momentous hour. Teach me, Lord, to walk with You!” 

The Challenge

Let every other pursuit dull in comparison to this one. God wants a friend. Will you pursue this goal with all your heart?