Feb 12, 2022

Genesis 47:7

“Then Joseph brought in his father Jacob and set him before Pharaoh; and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.”   

It seems strange that when brought before the great and mighty Pharaoh, Jacob did not budge or reduce himself to think that he was less than Pharaoh. He knew he had the covenant of Jehovah on his side and even though Jacob did not have the wealth and grandeur of Pharaoh, Jacob knew that he was greater on the scale of eternal things, and the greater must bless the lesser.       

Stop reducing yourself because you lack certain worldly treasures or because you lack certain human skills. You are who you, because of whom you belong to. If you belong to Christ, then you are better than the most wealthy and accomplished sons of Adam who are not in the covenant of Christ. It is, therefore, your duty to bring God’s message and blessings to them. Though they look large and mighty on the outside, they are empty and hollow on the inside; full of fears and lacking a purpose that transcends the present.                         

Accurately identifying yourself makes you superior to every race that’s not under God’s covenant. Be a blessing to them.     

“I am superior, not because I want to brag and boast but because I belong to Jesus. For this reason, Lord, may I never look down on myself in the presence of others who may seem more advantageous, humanly speaking. I am greater because of the covenant I bear, and as a priest of God, it is my duty to bless them.”