Mar 1, 2022

Genesis 49:20

“Bread from Asher shall be rich, And he shall yield royal dainties.”   

Some people are earmarked for riches. They don’t struggle, and they quickly enter into wealth and prosperity. It just comes upon them, and they wear it as a natural garment. Like Asher, the produce of such persons bring riches and the royalty and wealthy desire what they have.

For Asher unfortunately, not much else is written about him. It seems his wealth and success did not do much good either for him or Israel. The life of comfort can become an end in itself, and such persons do not aspire for higher attainments outside the realm of their comfort zone. 

If you have been ordained for wealth, accept this gladly knowing that this is both a blessing and responsibility. Wealth must be used for the specific purposes for which they were granted to you, and these requires always seeking God’s face to ensure that we don’t rest on our oars and squander the resources laid at our disposal for our generation.

“Father, I don’t see wealth. I am satisfied with whatever You give me. However, if You choose to make me wealthy, may I never be overcome by it, and may my community benefit from it. Amen.”