Feb 18, 2022

Genesis 47:23

“Then Joseph said to the people, ‘Indeed I have bought you and your land this day for Pharaoh…'”    

When money failed, people sold their livestock to survive. When their animals failed, people sold their bodies and their lands to survive. So at the end of the day, they sold everything including themselves to live and not die. What a beautiful analogy of what happens to us when we submit to Christ. For us to live and not die, we must sell our entire being to Christ who now provides, sustains and ensures our livelihood.        

Our greatest safety is in joyfully releasing all to Him who has purchased us for Himself. It’s strange that after He bought you, you still want to do things in your way and according to your desires. That is very wrong. Pharaoh would have executed anyone who had tried to live as though Pharaoh had not bought him.                

“Lord, I need to remind myself always: Christ has paid the price with His blood and has bought me. I have to live in this reality, and understanding for I know that my security and fulfillment lie within the insurance provided for me by Christ. Thank You, Lord, for sending Jesus to me. Amen.”