Feb 13, 2022

Genesis 47:9

“And Jacob said to Pharaoh, ‘The days of the years of my pilgrimage are one hundred and thirty years…'”     

One day, it will all be over. This entire existence is but a brief moment in the scope of eternity. While we cherish and nourish this short life, we must locate it correctly in the grand scope of God’s eternal plans for His creation. Our time here is but a brief stop. This is a dot in the entire eternal scheme of things. This whole “craze” is nothing but a poor shadow of the much better and much richer life that lies beyond here. O! How our lives will change when we get a correct assessment of what we call life.                     

Jacob had a glimpse of this revelation. His understanding of his journey here was that it was all a pilgrimage; a brief journey through a series of activities but he knew that this was not his resting place. Jacob knew there was much more ahead. Even though he had spent already 130 years on this earth, it was still a pilgrimage; a visit into another territory that was not a permanent abode.  

“Oh Lord, give me the mindset of the pilgrim and do not let me become seduced to think that these short days on earth are the final and most important days of our existence. There are better days ahead if we live with this pilgrim mindset.”