Feb 9, 2022

Genesis 46:34

“…for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.”  

The Egyptians scorned shepherds. They held shepherds in derision and saw them as an abomination. They were considered lowlife and   second-class humans. And yet they ate the meal from their headstock and drank the milk from their animals. How come the Egyptians scorned the very people that produced the protein needed for their meals and their lavish feasts? This is incomprehensible!!   

Don’t look down on others because they are different. Always remember that they were created by God just as you were and that they have a role to play in your life and your generation. Shepherds may not be clean and cultured, but without them, we will not have a vital component in our meals. 

Scorning any group of people is scorning their Creator and scorning the purpose for which they were created.

“Lord, I will love and accept all peoples because they were all created by God. I will respect each life I meet, Lord because they all have a purpose for which You created them. May I never scorn anyone, no matter why or who. Amen.”