5 Important Life Disciplines!

Jul 22, 2021

1. Work-Rest Balance

We must work hard but pace ourselves. A broken body doesn’t glorify God. We need to learn to rest more, even as we push ourselves to meet deadlines. Work hard. Practice the sabbath rest.

2. Excellence-Relationship Balance

We must pursue excellence and reject all forms of mediocrity. But we need to keep our relationships alive. We must refuse to achieve great things, even for God, with broken relationships all around. We must not destroy our relationships in pursuit of our high standards of excellence.

3. Confront Error, Not People

Be bold to speak up to confront error but separate the error from the people. Let confrontation also be done with love and gentleness. We must never attack people but confront ideas. Be tough against evil in the spirit of gentleness.

4. Be Approachable

We must be approachable. People must always feel free and safe to come close. If people are threatened by our presence, then we are doing something wrong. This is not the Jesus way.

5. Reject Self-Elevation

We must reject self exaltation. Humility is like sweet perfume. Even when we can’t smell it, if we have it, people notice. A humble man usually doesn’t self-identify as humble. We don’t have a genuine Jesus-message if people smell pride in us.