Desire More!

Jul 10, 2022

Desire More!
Only the dead are satisfied. Contentment is not lack of desire. Every human being has desire and as long as there is life, this desire must increase. The real question is: “what do we desire more of?” Only the dead have stopped desiring more!

Be restless for more. Godly restlessness is not unhappiness or lack of contentment. It’s a holy desire for more. Don’t be satisfied where you are. Desire more of God. Desire more of God’s manifest presence. Desire to bless your world more. Desire more justice & fairness in your world. Desire the overflow of truth and righteousness. Don’t be satisfied where your world is. Don’t be satisfied to eat and sleep each day; and to have your daily needs met. You’re alive to be and do more than merely exist or enjoy transient pleasures. Desire more. You have one life to live. Desire more in a godly way.

To look around you and be contented, and without desire, is not spirituality. It’s a disease called lethargy and such a life needs a divine overhaul. Pilgrims of old were men and women who moved through the earth with an unquenching desire for more. They could not be placated because they knew that there was more, in God, for them and for their world. May we never lose this precious inheritance handed down to us through the ages, in Jesus name.