From Boys to Men

Jul 23, 2021

There’s a generation of men who have refused to grow up and become independent of their “mothers.” They have enjoyed the boy-life so much that they are constantly looking for milk-givers; and whenever and wherever they find such, they perch there. These “boy-men” flee from people who demand that they buckle up to behave as men. They love to be admired, pampered, respected and cared for. They refuse hardship and flee from responsibility. They are too soft and are always seeking for cheap comforts and the easy life. That’s why they rarely want the responsibility of marriage or fatherhood but want the privileges of husbandhood. They flirt with sisters but fear to make commitments. They cannot stomach opposition and fear to carry the weight of managing a wife. That’s why we have so many single “qualified” sisters waiting to be married, but alas, the boys are shirking their duties as men.

Only men marry and can nurture their marriages. How I feel for the women of our generation who are desperately waiting for “the manifestation of the sons of God.

Women, pray for our boys! Pray that men will rise from boys, for the salvation of our world require men to manifest. Men, pray for our boys. Pray that they reject and shake off all “boyhoodness” when it’s the season to manifest manhood. May God divinely interfere with this pandemic of soft “milk-loving” boys who refuse to embrace the mantle of manhood. Enough of boys pretending to be men.