Feb 13, 2022

Matthew 27:61 

“And Mary Magdalene was there, and the other Mary, sitting opposite the tomb.”

I am not sure why these two ladies stayed back by the tomb, but after all, others had gone to bed, these ladies remained by the grave. They refused to retire for the day. Something within them could not leave Jesus. They could not let the matter of Jesus end that way. Even though they knew He was dead and buried, and I doubt they expected a resurrection, yet they loved to be close to His body. They loved Jesus when He was alive, and even in death, they loved His dead body. They lived by their hearts and not their minds. What devotion!

Devotion is seen in the measure of sacrifice being made for the one we are committed to. Devotion is measured by the extent of the personal cost to the devotee. When others are unwilling to make an extra effort, the genuinely devoted go yet further. When others have gone to bed or moved on with the natural demands and pleasures of life, the extremely devoted stays focused on the object of devotion. We cannot afford to take our devotion off Jesus. We cannot afford to stop lavishing affection on Jesus. Even when men have deemed Jesus a failure, our devotion to Him needs to remain intact because our hearts continue to believe even when our minds have stopped understanding. That is true devotion.

“Lord Jesus, may I go beyond the simple devotion of ordinary men. Master, may my devotion to You go beyond the power of logical reasoning. Lord, inflame my heart with passion from You such that I stay on fire with love, even when everything else invites me to drop my devotion. This is my cry today. Amen.”