Mar 2, 2022

Matthew 28:19

“Go therefore…”

True faith is not in the believing but in the actions that follow the belief. If I believe someone, it will show in what I do with the person and how I deal with him. If I believe that my nineteen-year-old daughter can drive a car, then I will be willing for her to drive me. If I say I believe she can drive, but I am unwilling for her to drive me, then it means that there is a gap between what I say I believe, and what I really believe.

If we truly believe Jesus is who He says He is, then it must show in our actions. Jesus does not want us only to have a theoretical and mental belief in Him. Jesus wants us to practice a faith that is active and alive. The only way we can prove that we really believe Jesus is in obeying Him. Faith is only real when action follows it. So, let us stop professing and confessing great things about Jesus. Let us prove our faith by our actions. When Jesus says, “Go,” He wants action.

“Yes, Lord, I hear You. I know I have obeyed You in some things, but I have not obeyed You in all things. I know that this has been because of the smallness of my faith. Lord, help me believe. I always need help to take the faith actions You expect of me. Amen.”