Mar 6, 2022

Matthew 28:20

“teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you…”

There cannot be disciple-making without effective teaching. One of the greatest needs in the Church of God today is the ministry of teachers. There are so many other functional and prominent ministries, but the teacher is largely missing. We have also come to confuse preaching and teaching ministries, and whenever a preacher preaches to the congregation, he feels satisfied and justified that his job is done.

Teaching involves the systematic presentation of God’s Truth to believers. Teaching involves patiently unraveling the difficult passages of Scriptures and feeding the believer with the spiritual nourishment hidden inside the Scriptures. Teaching does not just target the heart. So that full comprehension takes place, teaching targets the mind as well as the heart. The Bible teacher does not only focus on some interesting Bible themes; instead, he works hard to ensure that the disciple receives teaching in “all things commanded” by Jesus. And finally, the teacher does not just aim to bring understanding; his goal is to bring obedience. All his teaching styles, strategies, and techniques are therefore aimed at building conviction in the disciples so that they will voluntarily choose to obey the commandments of Jesus. Growth in spirituality is always tied to the active ministry of teachers, and unfortunately, these ministers are scarce in the Body of Christ today.

“O, Lord, raise more teachers for the Body. For those who are in hiding or who feel discouraged because their ministries had been sidelined, please bring them forward again. Use me to teach all that You commanded Lord, and may the Church grow in developing Christ-like disciples because of Your ministries through the teacher. Amen.”