Feb 17, 2022

Matthew 28:3

“His countenance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.”

You cannot be close to the Almighty and not be affected by His Majesty. One description of God is that His countenance is radiant. Our God glows with a brightness that cannot be comprehended, and all those who are close to Him, also glow. All heavenly beings glow with a radiance that is not of their own but because they dwell in the presence of the Glowing One. Even we, who are children of Light and have been redeemed from corruption, also glow with the Light of Him who is Light, and who dwells within us.

It is so wrong to be a child of God and not glow. It is wrong to claim to belong to Him, worship Him, and have Him indwelling you and not have the glow of His glory. The angels glow not because they glow on their own; they glow because of where they come from, and to whom they are associated. The angel’s “countenance was like lightning and his clothing as white as snow.” The glow did not just affect the way he looked; it affected what he wore. Is that something we can hunger for and desire earnestly? Is it possible to display our intimacy with God by the outward glow of heaven around us? The glow is possible, but it requires repeated and extended quality times in the presence of Him who is The Glow.

“Oh my God, I feel ashamed that I have been Your child for so long, and You have dwelt in me for these decades, and yet the glow is not so radiant. O God, let Your glow shine forth through me. I know I need to grow in deeper intimacy with You, and I commit afresh to pursue You Oh my God. Amen.”