Feb 27, 2022

Matthew 28:16

“Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them.”

Jesus had fixed an appointment for His disciples to meet Him at a specific mountain in Galilee. The disciples knew where the meeting was to take place, and they went to meet Him there. Of course, Jesus had gone ahead and was already waiting for them there. Blessed were the disciples who insisted on making the journey to Galilee, and were committed enough to be there on time. Blessed were the disciples who did not complain about the meeting place being on a mountain but who pushed themselves to climb up the mountain to meet their Lord. The rewards and benefits of seeing the resurrected Jesus again far outweighed any discomfort they might have had in getting to the mount.

And so it should be with us. Jesus has set an appointment to meet with us. Daily, He calls us up into the seclusion of the mountain, away from the clatter and clutter of men. Daily, He invites us into an appointment with the Resurrected Life, away from the inner noisiness of our busy souls. Every day, the invitation stands; but we must make the journey to Him, and we must climb our mountains. For those who make the effort to climb the mount of appointment, the rewards are indescribable. Encountering the resurrected Lord is more than worth the effort. For those who expect Jesus to come down to meet with them in the valley, He will come; but the best we can get from Jesus in the valley will be His teachings and His miracles. It is only on the mountain that we will face the transforming encounter of resurrection. We need to crave for more of Jesus, more than the valley encounters with Jesus. There is more up on the mount of appointment, and Jesus awaits the determined and hungry soul up there.

“Lord, I appreciate the teachings and miracles on the plains and valleys, but, I need more. Take me upwards to the mount of transfiguration and resurrection; where I can behold Your resurrected life, and experience resurrection. Amen.”