Feb 25, 2022

Matthew 28:9 

“And as they went to tell His disciples, behold, Jesus met them…So they came and held Him by the feet and worshiped Him.”

I love these women. When the angel had given His great messages from the Lord, they accepted the words as being authentic, and they ran out to go and execute the mandate they had just received. They knew the message was from the Lord. They knew that the angel was an authentic angel of the Lord. But they refused to bow before the angel to worship him. But the moment Jesus appeared on the scene, they ran to him, bowed before Him, held His feet and worshipped Him. Wow!! Look at the difference. They feared the angel and were willing to obey the angel, but they would only bow down to worship Jesus. Amazing!

This is the revelation we have lost in our modern church generation. We have come to confuse the messengers from Jesus as equal to Jesus. We do not say it, but we act it. We idolize men, and we bow before them in our hearts. These men have come to replace Jesus, and we have allowed them to take His place. Jesus is furious because neither angels nor men must take His place of worship. The fierce anger of God awaits those who worship others outside Jesus and those who allow themselves to be worshipped.

“Oh Lord, I reject any attempt by anyone to make me the center of their lives. I will fight it off relentlessly, and I commit to point all men to Jesus as the only One deserving of their adoration. And I myself, I recommit never to make a man or an angel or anything supersede Your place in my life. This is my vow, Oh Lord. Amen.”