Feb 24, 2022

Matthew 28:9-10

“And as they went to tell His disciples, behold, Jesus met them, ‘Rejoice.’…Then Jesus said to them, ‘Do not be afraid…’”

As the women ran off to obey the commands given by the angel, it seemed Jesus had to intersect their journey by giving them two final commands quickly. “Rejoice,” – was the first command Jesus gave the women. What Jesus was telling them was, “As you take this message forward, make sure you are doing it with an attitude of rejoicing, irrespective of what you meet on the way.” Serving Jesus can be very tasking. Obeying Jesus can be very demanding. Walking with Jesus can be very draining. That is why Jesus commands us to rejoice, knowing that many things are capable of stealing our joy in obeying Him. Jesus does not only give a command; He helps us fulfill the commandment. Jesus is our joy, and as we serve Him, He will indeed fill our hearts with His joy in obeying.

The second important command is, “Do not be afraid.” Fear kills rejoicing. In the ministry of serving Jesus and serving men through Jesus, many terrifying things will come our way. But Jesus says to us that we should not fear whatever is out there, because He is with us. He says, “I am with you always.” The knowledge that God is with us should kill every atom of fear in us. If we believe His words, then we have no legitimate reason to be afraid. Even when fear stares us in the face, we should stare back, knowing that God Almighty lives within us and is walking with us, and is staring at that fearful situation with us. Hallelujah to the Lord.

“I embrace Your two commands today, Lord. I will not be afraid, but I will rejoice in serving You and serving men through You. Fear will not steal my joy, and by faith in Christ, I will continue serving with joyfulness, in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”