Mar 4, 2022

Matthew 28:19 

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”

Disciple-making is not just Jesus’ priority for your immediate environment; disciple-making is Jesus’ priority for the entire world. The scope of Jesus’ vision after the resurrection was the making of disciples from all the nations of the world. Redemption is not only for a few; redemption is for all. Jesus calls His Church to deliberately and intentionally focus on making disciples in Jerusalem and in the entire world.

That is what Missions is all about. Missions is about investing in transforming lives from all people groups. What makes Missions a priority is because Jesus expects disciples to come from all corners of this world. He expects His Church to not just preach to the world, but also to work hard at forming disciples everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. Because Jesus’ ministry scope and mandate is the whole world, the Church must make that her priority also. The tough question each of us needs to ask ourselves is this: “What am I doing to make disciples among the forgotten peoples of our world?”

“Lord, I am committed to missions, not as a project but as a commitment to mold the lives of men and women in the nations. Lord, because You expect this of me, I will do whatever I can to make Your global vision of disciple-making a reality. My world will feel Your impact through me. I will not be a Jerusalem believer. Amen.”