Aug 21, 2022

Romans 12:11 (NKJV)

“not lagging in diligence…serving the Lord”

Diligence is the correct application of ourselves to any assignment given to us. Diligence is the carefulness needed to maximize output out of any specific time. Diligence is the detailed execution of a task, not leaving room for any waste. Diligence is a discipline of life; a physical discipline that also affects spiritual life. A diligent man is a focused man. A diligent man is a man who wants progress. A diligent man does not want to be found lagging behind on any front. A diligent man exerts himself. A diligent man pursues excellence in all things.

The spiritual man is a diligent man. You cannot serve the Lord correctly without being diligent. As NLT puts it, “Never be lazy, but work hard.” Laziness is the opposite of diligence. The lazy man hates hard work. He does not want to push himself. The lazy man lets things pile up, and pushes deadlines into the future. The lazy man detests all types of pressures, whether internal or external. The lazy man is never progressive and does not make progress. God detests laziness, and we must do everything possible to grow in the discipline of diligence. We cannot serve the Lord with laziness as both are incompatible. Serving God requires hard work. Diligence is a dying discipline that needs to be re-taught and re-emphasized again in our Christian circles.

“Lord, help me grow in this discipline of diligence. Deliver me from the habit of slothfulness, easy-living, and carelessness. Give me the inner strength to always push myself forward to do what must be done, when they must be done, and how they should be done. In Jesus name. Amen.”