Oct 16, 2022

Romans 13:14 (NKJV)

“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.”

The spiritual life is like a garment that you can put on and put off, and this garment is directly connected to Christ Himself. If I put on Christ, I will not fulfill the desires of the flesh, but if I put off the garment of Christ, then the power of the old nature will overwhelm me. To put on and to put off is an act of the will, and it is doable if we choose the spiritual way of living. Christ can be put on, and unfortunately, Christ can be put off. As we yield our hearts and will to the Holy Spirit, He is the One who works in us to put on Christ as our garment. If we refuse to yield to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit and choose our self-will instead, the Holy Spirit withdraws, and the power of the old nature is re-activated and re-empowered.

The flesh has no power over our lives until we make way for it to function. It cannot overpower or override the presence of Christ if we have put on Christ. Our call is not to fight with the flesh. Our call to walk spiritually is two-fold: to ensure that we always have Christ as our garment, and, therefore, never give space for the flesh to gain any foothold in our lives. Because every day is full of diverse activities and deceptions, we need vigilance always to check which garment we have on. We will maximize that day once we are sure that we are still wearing Christ as our covering clothing. But if out of busyness, carelessness, or forgetfulness, we give space for the flesh to gain ground in our lives, then that day would be swallowed by thoughts and activities that do not honor God and contradict Christ. Maximize your day by remaining clothed in and by Christ Jesus.

“Jesus, You are my secure covering. I am naked without You. Lord Jesus, may I ever remain sensitive to You so that I don’t walk outside of You, thereby giving a foothold to the old man. May my day always be maximized in You. Amen.”