August 26, 2016

Jude 1:1 (NKJV)

‘Jude, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James…’

There is so much hype of our being sons that we forget that we are also slaves. I am not just a son but a bondservant (or a slave as put in other translations). This mentality of being a bondservant only shows another aspect of what my relationship should be with the Lord Jesus Christ. When I call Him Lord, it means I am His slave and He is my Master. I need to see that it is my privilege to be so called and I am not degrading or belittling myself before Him (if ever such a concept is even reasonable because how can you belittle yourself to someone who owns you). I am His and He is mine. I belong to Him and I am His property. That’s who a slave is, the property of another. But He is a great and gracious Lord; I have nothing to fear. In fact, my greatest good lies in being secure as His slave because He always glorifies those who identify with Him as bondservants.

But Jude is not alone. He is a slave together with his brother James. James 1:1 reveals that James also had the same mindset because he also introduces himself as a bondservant of Jesus. If I am therefore a bondservant, who else is a bondservant with me? With whom do I have this same understanding that it is a calling and privilege to be bondservants of Jesus? Don’t keep this understanding to yourself. Share it with others. Raise a community of sons of the Kingdom who are also bondservants of the Lord of the Kingdom. Together, build a community of people who do not see their identity as some superficial upper class of kingdom sons, but also identify themselves as servants who live only for their Masters’ bidding. As a bondservant, my thinking and opinion is not what counts. What the master wants is my bidding. My greatest good lies in satisfying my master. No negotiation. I am proudly a bond-slave of the Lord Jesus and it is my highest good to be so identified.

‘Lord Jesus, I am your slave. It’s not about showing off being a slave, it’s just an identity I believe in and scripture supports. I don’t have an opinion contrary to yours. I can’t have a vision contrary to yours. I refuse to think or walk or work or do anything that goes contrary to you. You have purchased me as your slave and although I am also a son, I recognize that I am also your slave and I will operate as your slave my Lord. Free me from any lifestyle that will contradict this identity as your slave. Amen’

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