“Human morality rests upon this belief: There is a Majesty in the heavens. I believe also that human decency is fundamental. And human decency depends upon an adequate conception of God and of human nature. Accordingly, the atheist could not possibly have an adequate view of human nature. Any view that excludes the possibility that we come from God and that we shall return to God will have a detrimental effect upon human morality.”

“I believe that the one on the throne is God, the Majesty in the heavens. The Bible refers to this center of control as the throne of God. And from that throne, God governs His universe according to an eternal purpose. That eternal purpose embraces all things.”

“It is coming into the Kingdom by an act of the will, through Jesus Christ the Lord, that gets me out of the old, revolted province and into the kingdom of God and under the rule of the throne of God again.”

“There is a throne. And the one who sits on the throne is one of us—Jesus Christ—and the world has revolted against that throne. Christianity says to the world that they can come back to the throne through Jesus Christ the Lord.”

“This is what excited and thrilled the Early Church. They were not excited about the politico-industrial questions that excite so many religious leaders today. Everybody seems to jump on the political bandwagon, believing that it is the church’s obligation to control government.”

“They were excited about God on the throne. They were thrilled about Christ on the right hand of God the Father and His coming again in clouds of glory. They talked about the consummation of all things, the downfall of iniquity, the purgation of the world, the cleansing of the starry heavens above. They were intoxicated with thoughts about the glorified Christ who would soon return. Above all things, they talked about that man who sat on the throne.”

Culled from A. W. Tozer, “The Crucified Life.”

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